The city of Burbank set forth a voluntary program for the retrofit of existing non-ductile concrete residential buildings. The Burbank Municipal Code Title 9, Chapter 1, Article 7, Division 5 requires that Chapter A5 of the 2012 International Existing Building Code (IEBC) be followed as part of this voluntary effort.


The IEBC defines the scope of these provisions to include existing buildings with concrete floors or roofs that are supported by reinforced concrete walls or concrete frames and columns. Buildings with “flexible” roof diaphragms are not included in this ordinance.

Existing buildings that were designed and constructed in adherence to the seismic provisions of the following building codes (or later editions) are deemed to comply with these provisions and do not require seismic retrofitting:

  • 1993 BOCA National Building Code
  • 1994 Standard Building Code
  • 1976 Uniform Building Code
  • 2000 International Building Code


The city of Burbank has established this ordinance with compliance on a voluntary basis. Therefore, there are no deadlines for compliance. However, it is recommended that the provisions outlined in the municipal code be complied with in a timely manner to promote public welfare and safety by reducing earthquake-related damage of at-risk existing concrete structures.