Beverly Hills

Wood-Frame Soft-Story Structures

The city of Beverly Hills does not currently mandate the retrofit of wood-frame soft-story buildings; however, work is underway to develop a seismic retrofit program. The intent of the program is to reduce the risk of earthquake-related damage and promote life safety in the city’s commercial and multifamily buildings. See the links on this page for information on the program’s progress and key dates.

Proposed Scope

The proposed seismic retrofit program for the city of Beverly Hills may include wood-frame soft-story buildings that have the following characteristics:

  • Wood-frame construction
  • Two or more stories
  • Large openings on the first floor such as tuck-under parking units
  • Designed prior to 1978

A visual field survey and permit records research have been performed to identify structures with the above listed characteristics. Approximately 300 buildings in Beverly Hills were identified and may be impacted by the intended ordinance.

Proposed Timeline

To date, there has been no timeline established for the creation of the ordinance or for notification to building owners. However, the current Beverly Hills seismic retrofit program proposal offers the following preliminary timeline for compliance.



Notice is served to Owner


Deadline to submit screening form
1 YEAR AFTER NOTICE Deadline to submit retrofit plans
1.5 YEARS AFTER NOTICE Deadline to obtain building permit
2 YEARS AFTER NOTICE Deadline to commence construction
2.5 YEARS AFTER NOTICE Deadline to complete construction


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